Cutting down the raised bar

4 Fabulous Kitchen Trends to Keep an Eye on

What’s trending in the world of kitchen design? Read on to find out what we’re loving this year!

1. The White Kitchen.

The white kitchen is back, and it’s gotten some much-needed updates and improvements in the meantime! This is not your grandma’s kitchen anymore, people. White or near white granite countertops look beautiful and modern, while white, light grey, off white, and taupe are great color choices for painted cabinets. We love that the white kitchen is back, and we hope it’s here to stay.

2. Engineered Quartz.

Engineered quartz has quickly become one of the most requested products from customers that come into our showroom. Everyone longs for the elegant look of marble countertops, but the upkeep can be difficult in the kitchen. Quartz products with a marble look have become especially popular because you get all the style without the worries of natural marble. Whites and greys with more linear movements are the bestselling colors in this category right now. Read more about the benefits of engineered quartz here.

3. Glass Backsplash.

Tile backsplash trends have evolved over the last few years. Years ago, backsplashes featured rustic, heavily textured natural stone in a beige or cream base color with a lot of variance. Then, the trend transitioned to a mixture of natural stones combined with glass. Now, we’re seeing a brand new trend emerge: polished glass in a large, long rectangular shape in soft solid colors. We love the clean, sleek look of the glass backsplash – plus it’s very easy to maintain.

4. Cutting Down the Raised Bar.

It used to be trendy to have a raised bar at your kitchen counter, but people are now cutting that down to level out the countertop for one large, flat surface. This is not just trendy; it’s practical too. By cutting down the raised bar, you double the usable surface space on your countertop. It’s especially great for those of you who love hosting parties; you can lay out all the food and drinks on one surface!

Cutting down the raised bar


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