Bring Out the Best in Your New Bathroom Countertops

Here at Affinity Stoneworks, we know that finding the perfect bathroom countertops can be a daunting task, and finding the right accessories and plumbing components to compliment that choice can be just as stressful. When the dust settles and it’s time to work around your new countertops, here are a few stylistic points to consider:

Accessorize — Arguably the most important next step is picking out the right hardware to accessorize your shiny new countertops. The color, finish, and texture should always be considered when searching for the right cabinet handles, faucets, and knobs. That matte, modern bathroom hardware set you saw on HGTV might be trendy, but if it clashes with the classic style of your warm-colored granite, it can throw off the look of the entire room.



Light it Up — As anyone who has stood in front of a poorly-lit bathroom mirror can attest, lighting truly sets the tone for any space. Give visitors to your bathroom a bright, positive experience by putting serious thought into its lighting. The right placement, shading, and wattage can be the most noticeable way to highlight your new bathroom countertops.


Mirror, Mirror — Getting creative with the size, frame, and positioning of your mirrors is another great way to bring out the best in your countertops and the bathroom as a whole. If you’re working with a smaller room, consider going for one very large mirror with little to no frame for a uniting, expansive effect. On the other hand, if you’ve got more area to work with, break up empty wall space with a few medium-sized framed mirrors instead.


A Little Flair — Last, but certainly not least, small touches of flair like towels, soap dispensers, and wall décor are essential to tying your new countertop into the rest of the space and making it your own. Don’t be afraid to venture away from a simple color matching, and instead pick different, complementing colors and bolder patterns.



The most important part of this process is, of course, first choosing the right countertops. Whether you’re looking for something classic, like granite or marble, or something more cutting-edge, like engineered stone, it’s important to consult an expert like Affinity Stoneworks on your overall vision to achieve the best end result.

If you are interested in receive expert guidance on your remodeling project, give Affinity Stoneworks a call at 770-346-9888, or come by our Alpharetta design center located at 3005 Trotters Parkway.