4 Reasons to Ditch the Big Box Stores

For years, big box stores have attempted to monopolize the home-improvement industry. These megastores draw homeowners in with their promises of low prices, large inventories, and convenience. But the last decade or so has seen a surge in independent retailers as consumers have begun to realize that the appeal of big box stores comes at a very steep price.

Independent establishments like Affinity Stoneworks meet the demands that come with kitchen and bath renovations in ways that big box stores can’t.

Here are four characteristics that truly set us apart from the rest:
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Cheat-sheet to Choosing the Right Countertop Material

Your mother suggests one material, but each of your friends swears by another. So which type of countertop is best for you? The options at Affinity appeal to a broad range of taste and function. Check out our countertop “cheat sheet” to find your match. If you still have questions or need help finding the right counters for your kitchen or bathroom, feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom.
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Engineered stone countertop and undermount sink for a master bath renovation. Affinity Stoneworks, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Photo ©Bill Anderson, Photographer | Cinematographer.

4 Reasons We Love Engineered Stone

Installing new countertops in a kitchen or bathroom requires important decision-making steps. There are so many materials to choose from and without expert knowledge in the industry, it’s difficult to decide which best suits your needs. That’s why it’s important to find a knowledgeable partner, like Affinity Stoneworks, who can provide expert insight on various technical and design elements of countertop materials. One material that we’ve been recommending to many homeowners lately is engineered stone, also referred to as engineered quartz. Read more

What SEAMS Unbelievable

I can feel my blood pressure rising as I write this. I’m very perturbed by a granite kitchen countertop I saw in a new client’s home while there to discuss their new master bathroom project. During the visit they asked me to take a look at “some things we’ve noticed in our kitchen” —  a kitchen that had been renovated by one of our competitors. What I saw was disturbing and inexcusable.

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