4 Reasons to Ditch the Big Box Stores

For years, big box stores have attempted to monopolize the home-improvement industry. These megastores draw homeowners in with their promises of low prices, large inventories, and convenience. But the last decade or so has seen a surge in independent retailers as consumers have begun to realize that the appeal of big box stores comes at a very steep price.

Independent establishments like Affinity Stoneworks meet the demands that come with kitchen and bath renovations in ways that big box stores can’t.

Here are four characteristics that truly set us apart from the rest:
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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Backsplash

Originally intended to shield walls from splatters that can cause mold and staining, backsplashes have begun to take on a life of their own as homeowners spend nearly as much time choosing the design and material of the backsplash as they do the countertops. Read more

6 Tips for Buying the Right Countertop at the Right Price

Over the last 17 years at Affinity, we’ve worked with countless customers to help them select the right countertop for their home, lifestyle, circumstances, and, of course, budget.

Sure – on the rare occasion, we meet folks to whom money is no object.  Likewise, we meet those who strive to meet a dangerously low budget driven by misguided information. For the most part, however, our customers launch their intent to improve their homes by making smart, informed, and researched choices. They realize that within the matrix of the decision process, budget is an important factor to be reconciled with a “right decision.”

Based on our daily interaction with clients over these many years of countertop sales, here are our top six tips for buying the right countertop at the right price: Read more

Affinity One2One: The Personalized Experience

When embarking upon a home renovation project, whom do you go to for assistance with your project needs?

Big box stores may offer the services to do the job, but they don’t come with the personalized attention or design consultation that home renovation projects require.

Meanwhile, small countertop companies may offer customers individual attention, but the services they provide are limited. While countertops are a major part of a renovation project, they’re certainly not the only part. Most countertop companies leave homeowners on their own when it comes to updating the rest of the room.

Affinity is small enough to offer a personalized experience, but large enough to provide customers with the necessary breadth of services to satisfy all of their home renovation needs.

Cheat-sheet to Choosing the Right Countertop Material

Your mother suggests one material, but each of your friends swears by another. So which type of countertop is best for you? The options at Affinity appeal to a broad range of taste and function. Check out our countertop “cheat sheet” to find your match. If you still have questions or need help finding the right counters for your kitchen or bathroom, feel free to give us a call or stop by our showroom.
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