Sales Is Not Craft

There are two main types of countertop companies: those that sell countertops to be made by someone else and those that consult with you, understand your goals, guide you through all of the essential design decisions and then custom fabricate and install complete solutions — in other words, those that actually make what they sell.

Achieving beautiful results requires expertise, substantial investment in the right tools, facilities and people, and the experience to coordinate every detail in the process start to finish. Combined, those are the resources and capabilities that differentiate Affinity.

In our design center and fabrication facility, you’ll find project specialists with the experience to truly understand your goals, a shop equipped with all of the right machines and tools, professional craftspeople and stone fabricators with expertise acquired over thousands of projects, and proactive project management teams dedicated to producing timely, gorgeous results. Those assets, combined with our superb inventory of natural and engineered stone slabs, tiles, sinks, hardware and accessories, enable Affinity Stoneworks to deliver complete solutions of unsurpassed quality, value and beauty.

Come see for yourself.  Visit our design center. Talk with our people. Tour our facility and see how we make what we sell. We’re confident you’ll recognize why Affinity Stoneworks has been the choice of thousands of discerning clients since 1997.

Have A Custom Surface In Mind?

Our artisans’ skills extend far beyond countertop fabrication so don’t hesitate to contact us when you’re considering any type of special application surface in granite, natural stone or engineered stone.