Project Management Services:

  • Start to finish scheduling
  • Demolition as required
  • Build out as required
  • Measure and template
  • Countertop layout
  • Countertop fabrication
  • Installation
  • Coordination of related services
  • Change order integration
  • Cost management

Plan The Work. Work The Plan.

Seems fundamental doesn’t it? But how many times has a contractor completed a project on schedule and on budget for you or your friends? Did people show up on time? Were components and materials available when needed? And when surprises occurred did your contractor respond proactively?

Right. We all know the typical experience is far from ideal.

On Time. On Budget.

But your experience will be different with Affinity Stoneworks. We have dedicated scheduling and project management teams that stay on top of project activities every day. When you greenlight your project with us, our teams swing into action coordinating resources, people, materials, components and activities. The result: your Affinity project manager will confirm a master project schedule with you — in writing — that will be managed proactively until your project has been completed.

You’ll know what will happen when and so will every other person involved. And if an unforeseen issue arises — it does happen very rarely — our project management team will respond swiftly, keep you informed and coordinate appropriate timely solutions.

Want to know more?

Call, visit our design center, or email us. Come in and talk with one of our project specialists. We’ll show you how we’ll transform your wishes into amazing results — on schedule.